◆qingdao is a resort town in china. a long time ago, it was german territory
so as a result, it is famous for its summer beer festival…
and the chinese beer label, qingdao.
i have enjoyed seeing many chinese people relaxing, drinking and swimming here in qingdao city.

◆for the first time, i judged someone. who am i to judge someone? hey, lisa!!!
but i did… and it was amazing to see so many talented asian singers in this program.
they have their own style and yes, their own personality as well.

that means that everybody is not the same; they all had their own happiness and sadness
and their own reasons and stories.

◆to play with a string quartet is always something special.
especially when you can listen to the string instrument’s real sound so close to you.
the sound of an acoustic instrument is really beautiful.