hello everyone,
after a long time i recently visited china.
this time i attended an outdoor concert on an island about 1 hour and a
half away by car from nanjing.
unfortunately the sky was cloudy but thankfully it did not rain so i was
able to enjoy a refreshing concert.
this is a picture that i took with a waitress at a chinese restaurant.

hi everyone.

we were so happy to receive so many messages after the airing saying how my special was touching and moving. we also received a lot of questions especially about the last song that i sang.

the song is no rancho fundo, composed by ary barooso and the lyrics were by lamartine babo. it was composed in 1931, and was a repertoire of joao gilberto.

we took this photo while we were shooting the program.

she is a fado singer who happened to be a relative of amalia rodrigues. she had a beautiful voice too.

i met this lady when i was heading to a fado museum. she said she comes out and sit on a bench in front of her house and basks in the sun everyday.

hi everyone.

i just had a concert in korea for the first time in 6 years. it was actually my 3rd performance in korea. i did two shows, march 3rd and 4th, and both days we had wonderful audiences, which made us so happy.
luiz gustavo (sax, flute) joined us for the first time, his performance was really warm and nice.

here’s a shot in front of seoul art center on day 2.

hi everyone.

bs12ch twellv is now in the production process of my 90 min. special. the title of the program is, music live & document “set list” lisa ono — searching for a journey of heart. it will air on march 24th at 3pm.

peter on piano is from australia, chris on bass is from new york, and denis on drums is from germany. a trio of musicians from 3 different continents. our performance will also be in the program.

i also did an interview, please enjoy.

also tonight, february 28th, from 8pm to 8:57pm, nhk bs premium tabi no chikara will finally be on air. the title of my special is song of soul bonding two motherlands — lisa ono portugal. please check it out.

hello everyone.

i recently went to portugal for nhk bs premium’s program tabi no chikara.

people there were so warm, and i had many wonderful encounters.

the weather was beautiful too. blue sky and blue sea, the view was amazing.

the food was also great.

the program will air on february 28th (tue.) please watch!

hi everyone, a new year has begun.

the asia tour that started last summer was a huge success including the tour finale beijing performance. i truly appreciate all of your love and support.

also i had the honor to be the first japanese to be on the new year’s eve count down program on cctv (china’s national tv).

i wish you all from the bottom of my heart that this year will be a great year for you.